Medley Communications, Inc. is a customer service based Cable TV Contractor. We provide CATV  Installation, Underground and Construction services primarily to large Communication Companies,  seeking the benefits of using a cable TV contractor as an installation alternative. Our Corporate Office  is located in Southern California and has Satellite Offices located in California, Arizona and  Oklahoma. We provide a state of the art training program and are constantly designing new ways to  bring value to our clients and employees. Medley Communications, Inc. is a leader in the Cable TV  Contracting industry. We realize that now, more than ever, the benefit of outsourcing installation in the  cable TV industry is a viable alternative. Our primary focus is the satisfaction of the customer. We  know that every aspect of our business impacts the client's bottom line, and have designed business  practices with that in mind. Medley Communications, Inc. is a process driven business designed to  deliver a predictable result.   If you are interested in acquiring the services of Medley Communications, or are interested in joining  our elite team of dedicated technicians, please see the employment section of our website for contact  information.  
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